Word? So Cinderella was black?

Nah she was Egyptian

Since when is Egypt not in Africa?

hi hello yes
you know how theres white washing?
well, you’re black washing
because hahahahaha
not everyone from Africa is black

they are more of the Arabic persuasion 

not everyone with tan skin is black 

don’t care if you’re mad at me for pointing this out. but I don’t think it’s fair for people to all be lumped into one skin tone just because of the mass population *cough* 

She said we BLACK washing everything. SWEET heart that is modern Egypt ACIENT Egypt is black and WOULD be black. The hell you thought??

Okay so you’re gonna sit here and ignore theses kinky thick braided bobs on hieroglyphs and on statues with thick lips and noses and dark ass skin. You wanna ignore the fact that scientists dug up an Egyptian tomb and ran tests on a mummy and scientists proved the mummy was a black african. Y’all are so confused and anti-black. The OG Egyptian were black,  they were everything, and it’s OKAY AND ALRIGHT that black people have a rich successful heritage too. Like damn some of you are so pressed.

Stay pressed

Black washing really? White folk these days


new idea for a band name: Titty Siesta

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Boy im interested in who is interested in me: *likes another girls selfie*
Me: oh u want to play games? *fucks someone else*

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a memoir 



send this to your crush with no context


to the window
to the wall
to the trash where i belong

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*walks into school*


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Don’t ever take your anger out on your dog!! They are the only ones in the world who love you truly unconditionally and think the sun shines out your ass. All they want is to help you be happy!! Do NOT get angry with them because you’ve had a bad day. They’ve spent their entire day waiting for you to come home so they can love you.


When a stage manager is 100% DONE with your sass.

When they only give you one sauce